The Land of Nod is a place in Hebrew Genesis that Cain was exiled to before the Great Flood (Gen.4:16). Zecharia Sitchin proposed that this land Cain was exiled to was—"The Americas", in his book Lost Book of ENKI.

Zecharia SitchinEdit

In Zecharia Sitchin's fictional exposition, Lost Book of ENKI, Sitchin's Glossary identifies Ka-in as Biblical Cain, a character who was exiled to the "Land of Wandering", a "Land Beyond the Seas". Sitchin defines this realm as "The Americas; settled by Ka-in's descendants". Sitchin describes the land of exile from the view of fictitious[1] 14 tablets of Enki.

Quote: “Let Ka-in's life be spared, to the ends of the Earth let him be banished!...Eastward to a land of wandering for his evil deed Ka-in must depart,..With his sister Awan as a spouse Ka-in from the Edin departed, to the Land of Wandering he set his course.”

Adapa's deathbed prophecy to Ka-in: "but of your seed seven nations shall come, In a realm set apart they shall thrive, distant lands they shall inhabit;"... "And in a distant realm Ka-in had sons and daughters, And he for them a city".

Quote: “To the other side of Earth Niburta went; the offspring of Ka-in he found...In a new land a domain they established, a city with twin towers there they built.”

Quote: “In the high mountainland on this side of Earth, some Earthlings have survived! Descendants of Ka-in they are, with the handling of metals they are knowing; Four brothers and four sisters are their leaders, on rafts they themselves saved, Now their mountaintop in the midst of a great lake is an island.”

Of the survivors of the Great Flood were: "Offspring of Igigi who intermarried roamed about, in the distant lands Ka-in's kinfolk survived."

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