Jushur (cuneiform: 𒄑𒃡, ĜIŠ.UR3; Sumerian: Ĝušur) is listed in the Sumerian King List as the first king after "the flood had swept over", according to the cuneiform record. Jushur is considered the supposed first king of the first dynasty of Kish. Though Jushur's historicity has not yet been confirmed outside of the Sumerian King List, his time of rule may be comparable to Nimrod in the Hebrew Bible.

Sumerian King ListEdit

According to the Sumerian King List, Jusher ruled from Kish for 1,200 years after "the flood had swept over". He is considered to be the first post-diluvian king of Sumer. If the historicity of Jusher is confirmed, he would mark the beginning of the Early Dynastic Period of Sumer.

Name renderingEdit

The transliteration of the Sumerian name Ĝušur has been rendered in literature as Jushur, Jucur, Gushur, Ngushur, and Gishur. An early rendering of the cuneiform was Gaur.

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